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Temporary Dentures Timeline and Process


Temporary (or immediate) dentures are dentures that are inserted immediately following tooth extraction. They’ll help protect your gums while you heal and make the transition to permanent dentures easier. Here’s a timeline you can follow if your dentist recommends temporary dentures.


1–2 Months Before

Your dentist will take several impressions of your mouth in order to make your temporary dentures.


The Day of Extractions

After the tooth extractions are performed, your dentist will insert your temporary dentures. You’ll wear them until your permanent set comes in.


The First 24 Hours

You may experience some soreness and discomfort during the first day as your mouth heals and adjusts to the feeling of wearing temporary dentures.

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The First Few Weeks

Slight soreness can last for a few weeks and you may feel like you’re producing more saliva than usual. Continue to eat softer foods and practice talking with your new dentures. If you feel like you need adjustments, talk to your dentist.

1st moonth with dentures

After the First Month

Your permanent dentures should be ready for your initial fitting. Feel free to keep your temporary dentures as a spare just in case you need them in the future.