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Polident Denture Cleaning Range

A clean, fresh mouth gives you the confidence to get closer to people, so understanding how to clean dentures (also known as false teeth) properly is important – but we’ve got it covered. As dentures are up to 10 x softer than natural teeth our special denture cleaners have a low–abrasive formulation that removes* 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria**, and when used as directed helps remove plaque and stains. So you can get closer and live louder.

*When used as directed.
**In laboratory tests.


  Polident 3 Minute Daily Cleanser Polident Whitening Daily Cleanser
Removes* 99.99% of odour-causing bacteria** x x
Helps remove plaque and stains* x x
Strong whitening action   x
Non-abrasive formula x x
Helps maintain good oral hygiene x x
#1 Denture Care Brand x x

*When used as directed.
**In laboratory tests.