What are dentures made of?

Ever wondered what dentures are made of? Dentures are available in a variety of different forms, colours and materials, and are custom made just for you. Here's a guide on what they are made of, and what to expect when you get your new dentures.

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the base

Denture bases are mostly made of a tough acrylic and coloured in a shade that matches your natural gums.

the teeth

It may be important to you that your denture teeth look as natural as possible and allow you to smile confidently. So you may want to consider two types of denture teeth available: porcelain and acrylic.


Porcelain is the material that most closely mimics the look and feel of tooth enamel, making it perfect for replacement teeth. Porcelain teeth are tough and tend to be more durable than acrylic, but they may be prone to chipping.


Acrylic teeth also appear natural next to your own teeth and are a lot less brittle than porcelain teeth. Denture acrylic is up to 10 times softer than your natural teeth and may deteriorate faster than porcelain, so adopting good denture care and a specialist cleaning routine is important to keep them in good condition.

Using a denture cleanser tablet like Polident will help provide a deep clean and leave your denture feeling fresh.

The Frames

Denture frames (and metal clasps on partial dentures) tend to use cobalt chrome, an incredibly strong metal that helps support denture structure and can withstand the pressure from chewing. Other materials used in denture frames can include nickel chrome, stainless steel and gold.

Your dentist can help you decide the materials best suited to you, so you are able to feel comfortable and confident in your new dentures.