How much do dentures cost?

If you’ve been told you need dentures, you’re bound to ask: how much will they cost? And the simple answer is, it depends. It depends on the treatment you need, the type of dentures you pick and the materials they’re made of. 

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Different dentures, different prices

Dentures can be made up of different materials based on the type you go for. Depending on whether you’ve had all or some of your teeth removed, the kind of dentures you are fitted for will vary, as will the price.

Denture Bases

Typically made from rigid acrylic, denture bases are created from a moulded impression of your mouth, taken during a visit to your dentist.

Partial dentures

Made from a mix of acrylic and metal for the clasps which grip remaining teeth. Some partial denture bases are made from thinner thermoplastics, like nylon. These tend to be more expensive but look and feel more natural.

Denture teeth

Usually made from plastic or acrylic. These tend to be longer lasting but more expensive alternatives can be made from porcelain.

Make time for dental work

Generally speaking, the total cost of your dentures depends on many factors: The work that needs to be done, the amount of follow-up appointments, the type of dentures that you choose to have fitted as well as the dentist providing the service.

To make sure you get the right dentures for you, your dentist will be able to advise on the best plan and denture type depending on your budget, as some options may cost more than others.

Don’t lose sight of the positives

Dentures are a bespoke product, measured and made to fit you and no-one else. Professionals using special processes need time to prepare, make and fit them. These costs can add up. But don’t lose sight of the positives: the ability to eat, smile, laugh and live.