From food particle build-up to difficulty chewing and speaking, a denture adhesive can help provide a solution to a range of common denture problems.

Life with dentures is different for everyone. Hopefully, you’ll find that being free to eat, laugh, smile and speak with confidence can feel like a whole new lease of life. Yet there are also some common issues you may initially experience as either a full or partial denture wearer.

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The good news is: a) you are not alone in going through these issues; and b) a simple solution like the right denture adhesive can help you manage these problems. In this article, we look at four common denture issues and explain how a denture adhesive, like Polident, can help.

Food getting trapped

Tiny food particles can become trapped between your dentures and your gums. When they do, they can cause irritation, or make you nervous to smile, laugh or speak.

Chewing causes discomfort

You may experience some discomfort or displacement of your dentures when eating, especially as you get used to them and/or when eating tough or chewy foods. In most cases, this will improve as you become used to wearing them and as any initial swelling of your gums reduces. But if it persists, be sure to consult your dentist.

Slips or wobbles occur

If you find your dentures slipping or wobbling, it may be that your jaw has shrunk just a little, a perfectly natural process that can happen after tooth loss or extraction. Smaller jaws mean a smaller surface for your dentures to attach to, which may make them more prone to move or slip. If you’re experiencing this, consult your dentist for advice.

Speaking becomes awkward

Dentures can turn conversation from a pleasure into a pain – whether it’s due to problems forming certain sounds or words, discomfort or concerns about your dentures slipping out of place. You can find more information and advice about speaking clearly and confidently with dentures here.

How Polident ADHESIVES can help

Polident Adhesives have a strong all-day hold, and come in a flavour free or fresh mint flavour. They help to secure and seal your dentures from all angles. This seal helps keep food particles out so you can enjoy more of the foods you love. And because your dentures stay put all day long you’re free to laugh loud without a worry.

How to apply adhesive 

Carefully read all information provided with the product before use.

  1. Before you begin, clean and dry your dentures.
  2. Apply Polident once a day as shown on pack, not too close to denture edges.
  3. Give your mouth a rinse before inserting the dentures.
  4. Press into place, hold firmly and bite down for a few seconds.

Whether you’re a current denture adhesive user or not, switching to Polident Adhesvies could prove to be the first step in managing your denture frustrations. 

From helping to avoid food particles getting trapped under your denture to reducing denture slippage, Polident Adhesives are designed to help put the enjoyment and comfort back into everyday actions like chewing, speaking and laughing all over again.

While denture adhesive has many benefits, there’s no substitution for dentures that fit well. If you’re having problems with your denture fit, be sure to see your dentist to discuss your options. Minor adjustments for a secure fit can go a long way in making you feel more confident and comfortable.