Wearing dentures shouldn’t hold you back from eating the foods you love. But as you get used to wearing them, you may initially struggle with certain foods. Planning your meals and making sure that you’re re-introducing different foods back into your diet when your mouth is ready is a good idea. Here’s how.

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At first, you may find it hard for your mouth to sense really hot or cold food or drinks. Try to give them a little time to cool down (or warm up) to ensure your mouth stays comfortable.

Choose smooth and soft

As you get used to your new dentures, you will need to adjust your eating habits. Rather than instantly going back to your pre-denture diet, slowly reintroducing foods should help your mouth get used to the new challenges old foods now present. You’re likely to find it easier to eat softer foods during this time like soups and purées.

Avoid difficult foods, for now

Likewise, you may want to consider giving tough and hard-to-chew food a miss for the first few weeks. This includes things like steak, whole grain breads, nuts and hard-boiled sweets. Doing this means you won’t end up putting yourself off your favourite meal or snack forever by unsuccessfully trying it before you’re ready.

Start small

When you first try ‘tougher’ foods, be sure to cut the food into small bite-sized pieces to make chewing easier. Eating ‘tougher’ foods with a drink can make it even easier to chew.

Stay positive

Most of the problems denture wearers experience as they eat are both fixable and temporary. Doing your best to focus on what you can eat (rather than what you can’t) will help keep you in a positive frame of mind as you adjust to your new life.

Be kind to yourself

You may need to avoid returning to your normal diet too quickly as you get used to your dentures. But try not to let all pleasure disappear from food. Use social situations (family celebrations, restaurant trips, watching a film) as good opportunities to treat yourself to some of your favourite foods in an enjoyable setting.

Remember to take your time as you get used to your dentures and introduce new foods at your own pace. To give you extra confidence and comfort, denture adhesives like Polident can help seal out food particles, so you can enjoy even more of your favourite foods.