Polident Ultra power anti bacterial denture cleanser pack shot


  • 2X active cleaning ingredient*
  • Fast, superior cleaning**
  • Removes stains more effectively**
  • Kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria†
  • Gentle on dentures for everyday use

The latest powerful formula from Polident! Polident Ultra Power Denture Cleanser releases twice as much of the active cleaning ingredient compared to other cleaning tablets*, delivering a fast, superior clean for your dentures when used every day**.

The unique formula helps remove stains gently**—even stubborn ones—while also killing 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria† and helping remove and reduce plaque buildup.

Polident Ultra Power Denture Cleanser is tough on odor-causing bacteria, stains, and plaque while being kind to your dentures. Perfect for everyday use, its non-abrasive formula cleans without scratching to remove stains in a more gentle way than brushing with a regular toothpaste.

It all adds up to a powerful combination that leaves your dentures feeling super clean and fresh. And helps you look and feel your best every day!

*vs. Polident 3 minute formula
**In laboratory test, vs. Polident 3 minute formula
†In laboratory test
‡When used as directed

How to Clean Your Dentures with a Denture Cleaner

Fill a container or glass with enough very warm, not hot, water to cover the denture. Drop one tablet into the water. You should see the tablet fizzing, place the denture in the glass, make sure it’s fully covered by the soaking solution. Soak for the time specified in the instructions on the pack. Put the plug in before filling the sink with water. This will ensure that if you drop the denture while cleaning, it won’t be damaged. Brush the denture well with the cleanser solution, using a soft brush to make sure all the surfaces are covered. Rinse the denture thoroughly under running water for one minute before inserting into mouth. Remember to discard the remaining solution afterwards.

*Always follow package directions.