ProPartial purify foam partial denture cleanser pack shot

Polident ProPartial Foam Cleanser for Dentures

  • Step 1 of our 3-step cleansing range
  • Fast acting foam cleanser for your partial
  • Kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria*
  • Provides a more gentle clean than regular toothpastes
  • Non-abrasive formulation lifts stains
  • Leaves your partial dentures with a fresh, clean feeling
  • Can be used on its own or as part of the 3-step range

*in laboratory studies

Polident ProPartial Foam Cleanser is the first step in our 3-step range. The foaming cleaning component works directly on your denture or partial to remove dirt and debris.  ProPartial foam is a gentle and fast-acting way to help remove stains and plaque, when used as directed.

The non-abrasive formula, with a micro-emulsion full of millions of tiny bubbles, effectively lifts stains from partials. It also kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria* and leaves your partials with a fresh, clean feeling.  Fresh breath for up to 5 hours*.

*GSK data on file, when used as directed



ProPartial Foam Cleanser is the first of 3 steps in our process. All 3 steps are specially designed to ensure your mouth stays fresh and your partials and remaining teeth are clean and well protected when used as directed.

Step 1

Remove Partial from mouth.

Step 2

Hold partial firmly.

Step 3

Shake bottle well before use.

Step 4

Pump fully 2 times onto partial, adjusting the amount if needed.

Step 5

Brush partial for 90 seconds, using a soft brush.

Step 6

Rinse partial thoroughly with water, before inserting into mouth.

Step 7

Wash hands well after use.


You can also use our foam cleanser to clean full dentures and other appliances like orthodontic retainers.

For more information on our 3-step range of products, click here. Polident ProPartial Fluoride Toothpaste can help strengthen your natural teeth.