A Complete Guide to Good Oral Care


A good oral care routine requires more than just taking care of your partial dentures. Your whole mouth needs to be regularly cleaned and cared for to maintain good oral health. Have routine check ups with your dental professional and follow the home care instructions given by them. Here are some ways you can keep your mouth in good shape.

Good Oral Care: Tongue

Brush your tongue to help eliminate bacteria, freshen breath, and improve circulation in your mouth tissues.

Good Oral Care: Brushing

To help your natural teeth, brush them twice per day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a toothpaste recommended by your dental professional.

Good Oral Care: Flossing

Floss your natural teeth daily to remove food or plaque bacteria from in between your teeth.

Good Oral Care: Rinsing

After removing your partial dentures, gargle with mouthwash to help eliminate bad breath and remove trapped food particles.

Good Oral Care: Lips

Moisturizing your lips with lip balm can prevent them from cracking and drying, which helps make your whole mouth feel more comfortable.

Good Oral Care: Visit Your Dentist

Even with proper oral care, you should still make regular appointments with your dentist to ensure that your whole mouth stays healthy.

Partial Denture Care

If you wear partial dentures, then good oral hygiene is especially important. Partials can attract significantly higher levels of cavity-causing bacteria. which can lead to further problems and even tooth loss. Try using Polident ProPartial 3-step range of products to clean your partials and strengthen your remaining teeth in 3 simple steps.


• Clean you partial every day with ProPartial Foam Cleanser to help kill odor-causing bacteria

• Brush your remaining teeth with ProPartial Fluoride Toothpaste twice a day to strengthen teeth and fight plaque, the number one cause of gum problems

• Use Polident ProPartial Mouthwash to kill bacteria and reach where toothbrushing misses

• See a dental professional regularly

• Don’t keep your partials in overnight unless recommended by your dentist.

• Take your partials to your dental team if you notice a build-up of staining.