尝试使用 POLIDENT 假牙稳固剂、假牙清洁剂以及牙齿保持器和护齿器清洁剂

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Enjoy every bite with up to strong 12-hour denture hold, and clean your denture with Polident to kill 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria*.

通过长达 12 小时的假牙固定力,享受您的每一口食物,并使用 Polident 清洗您的假牙,以杀死 99.9%引起异味的细菌*。


Remove plaque and stains on your oral appliances and kills 99.99% of odour-causing bacteria^. Cleans quickly, keeping your appliances fresh and hygienic.

去除牙齿器具上的牙菌斑和污渍,并杀死 99.99%引起异味的细菌^。 快速清洗以保持您的牙齿器具清新和卫生。

*Soaking only, in laboratory testing, Proven to kill 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria with soak times of 3 minutes or more, When used as directed.
^When used as directed. In laboratory test.

*仅浸泡。经实验室测试证明,按照指示使用时,浸泡时间为 3 分钟或更长时间,可杀死 99.9% 的引起异味的细菌。 ^按指示使用时。 在实验室测试中。

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