Polident Overnight Whitening

Daily cleanser that cleans, freshens, and brightens your dentures

Get cleaner, fresher, and brighter dentures with one daily cleanser. When used as directed, Polident Whitening kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria*, helps remove stubborn stains and reduce plaque build-up to maintain the original color of your dentures.

Unlike some toothpastes, Polident Whitening has a non-abrasive formula that cleans without scratching and leaves fewer places for unwanted bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. So, you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence all throughout the day.

  • Kills 10x more bacteria than regular toothpaste*
  • Helps maintain the original whiteness of dentures
  • Removes stains in a more gentle way than regular toothpaste
  • Suitable for dentures, retainers, and nightguards**

*vs regular toothpaste, soaking only, in laboratory testing
**based on testing done on polymethyl methacrylate, stainless steel, cobalt chrome alloys, and ethylene vinyl copolymer

Read instructions on pack before use