How to clean dentures?

As with teeth, dentures are prone to accumulating plaque, bacteria, tartar and stains. Improper oral hygiene can lead to excessive build up of plaque and bacteria which can cause gum irritation, swelling and even infection. To maintain a healthy mouth and help relieve any denture problems, a good daily denture cleaning routine is recommended.

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The Oral Health Foundation with funding from GSK has developed a set of recommended guidelines for optimal denture care comprising 4 simple steps:

As seen from the video, it is important to follow these 4 steps* to keep your mouth looking and feeling its best.

Step 1: Soak

Drop a denture cleansing tablet into a small container of warm water and soak the dentures for the amount of time specified on the product packaging. There should be enough water to completely cover the denture. You may want to use a specialist denture cleanser, such as Polident, in your regular cleaning routine.

Step 2: Brush

Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and the cleanser tablet solution to gently brush your dentures to clean off any remaining debris before rinsing it out thoroughly. Specialist denture brushes are available. Avoid using regular toothpaste, as its abrasive effects could cause tiny scratches on the denture surface, which could then cause bacteria to build up.

Step 3: Leave dentures out overnight

Avoid leaving your dentures in 24 hours a day as this could cause gum irritation and swelling. It is good practice to remove your dentures at the end of the day to give your mouth and gums a rest. You should aim to take your dentures out for between four to eight hours every day.

Step 4: Visit your dentist regularly

Schedule regular visits to your dentist so that they can check up on your dentures and the rest of your mouth and also give advice on any denture issues you may be facing.

*Always follow instructions on the pack.


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