Staying confident with dentures

Woman and Man up close to each other driving in a car
Woman and Man up close to each other driving in a car

Your new dentures will soon have you feeling like you again, but getting used to them can take a little time, and this is completely normal. With a bit of know-how, you’ll not only accept this new chapter, but be ready to embrace it. Here are our tips on how to be confident while wearing dentures.

Feeling confident

The comfortable fit of your dentures is an invitation to get out there and enjoy yourself. With your new dentures fitted, you can smile, laugh, eat and get close to loved ones without a second thought.

Cleaning your dentures

Look after your dentures, and they’ll look after you. The three steps of soak, brush, rinse is a great start. When you remove your dentures, soak them as per the product instructions on the packet in a denture cleanser solution to ensure thorough cleaning. Polident denture cleanser tablets disinfectant action kills 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria* and other micro-organisms that can irritate gums. Carefully brush your dentures with the Polident solution, and rinse them under the tap. This will leave your dentures feeling fresh in your mouth, and leave you comfortable enough to go about your day.

* Percentage achieved in laboratory tests

Using the right amount of denture adhesive

Using Poligrip denture adhesive can help ensure that your dentures fit snugly enough to tackle your favourite foods and boost your confidence when speaking – the key is using the right amount. If the adhesive is applied as per directions for use, this should ensure a firm hold of up to 12 hours. It might take a few attempts before you get the amount of adhesive just right, so don’t worry about any excess oozing – just wipe it away.

When you are learning how to live with your dentures, having a positive attitude and caring for your dentures should give you the confidence to get back to living life as normal.