Why is it important to use a denture adhesive?

woman eating toast
woman eating toast

When wearing dentures, feeling that they are secure in your mouth can increase your confidence when going about everyday life. Denture adhesives, also referred to as fixatives, can make your life easier by offering stability and comfort so you can enjoy laughing with friends and continue to eat the foods you love.
Denture adhesive can come in the form of cream, powder or strips, and can make your denture feel a lot more secure. A denture adhesive, such as those offered in the Poligrip range, may come in particularly handy when:


Once you’re out of that initial settling-in period of soft foods and small pieces, you will be keen to get back to eating your favourite foods. Denture adhesive forms a seal to help prevent food particles getting stuck between your dentures and gums to help you enjoy your meals.


Denture adhesives can keep you feeling confident in social situations or when getting close with loved ones. When you’ve first had your dentures fitted, you might find some words difficult to pronounce. An adhesive can help ease any concerns you may have about denture movement while laughing and talking, so it’s one less thing on your mind.

Getting used to the fit

An adhesive may help you adapt to your new dentures and give you more confidence from the outset, easing any worries you may have of it falling out. It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that an adhesive shouldn’t be used as a substitute for a well-fitting denture. Over time, dentures can become loose, and may need repairing or replacing so you might want to speak with your dentist if it’s not fitting as comfortably as it has up until now.
Your dentist will be able to keep an eye on the fit of your denture and talk through any concerns you might have. Secure, comfortably fitting dentures can help you confidently take on every day life as before.