polident smokers

POLIDENT SMOKERS antibacterial denture cleanser

When your dentures don’t feel fresh or don’t look as new as they once did, it can make you worry, particularly about being up close to others. But, there is no need for distress because we have the scientific know-how to develop the right product for you.

Polident Smokers tablets are formulated to help remove stubborn tobacco stains from dentures in just 15 minutes. They also kill 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria *, leaving your dentures cleaner, fresher and brighter every day, so you can enjoy life and get closer without giving it a second thought.

  • Kills more germs than regular toothpaste.*
  • Deep cleans to help remove tobacco stains in 15 minutes.
  • Kills 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria in laboratory tests.
  • When used as directed, helps to reduce plaque and also removes tough stains.
  • Gentle on denture material.

*when soaking only, in laboratory tests

Unlike other cleaning agents like toothpaste, Polident Smokers tablets have a non-abrasive formula, so they clean without scratching and leave fewer places for unwanted bacteria and other microorganisms to grow.


  1. Drop one tablet in enough very warm (not hot) water to cover the dentures.
  2. Soak for 15 minutes.
  3. Brush the denture with the solution.
  4. Rinse denture thoroughly with running water.
  5. Discard the remaining solution immediately after use.