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It’s not unusual for denture wearers to experience some form of gum discomfort as a regular part of their day-to-day life with dentures. There are any number of things you can do to help make dentures more comfortable: speaking to your dentist about possible minor adjustments to the fit (especially if your dentures are new), chewing food slowly, rinsing your mouth with saltwater are all options as well as cleaning your dentures daily.

A lot of denture wearers would also like products that help make things more comfortable, particularly to absorb the impact of chewing and biting. In fact, 82% of consumers tell us that they want all day comfort from an adhesive. 

More than just a fixative, the ADAPTAGRIP technology in Poligrip Cushion & Comfort is a hydro-activated gel containing carbomer and carboxy methylcellulose. It starts working immediately to help provide a protective cushioning layer throughout the day, providing comfort for your gums from the pressure, rubbing and irritation that dentures can cause.

Carbomer has been shown to have strong muco-adhesive properties and also has a different structure that absorbs more liquid, compared to polymers in standard denture adhesive formulations. It swells quickly within the mouth and can expand up to 1,000 times its original volume to create an elastic cushioning layer, leading to a noticeable improvement in texture and mouthfeel.

If you’re looking for extra gum comfort, Poligrip Cushion & Comfort with ADAPTAGRIP technology may be just the denture adhesive you’re looking for.