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GlaxoSmithKline Inc. (GSK) is a research-based pharmaceutical company with a challenging mission: to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better, and live longer. This mission gives GSK the resolve to develop innovative medicines, vaccines and healthcare solutions that help millions of people around the world.

GSK in Canada

As the Canadian operating company for one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies:

o Across Canada, GSK employs approximately 2,300 people.

o GSK has divisional headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario and Laval, Quebec and regional offices in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

o One of the largest research and development (R&D) organizations in Canada, GSK employs over 200 highly-skilled R&D staff.

o GSK one of the top 20 contributors to R&D in Canada, investing more than $118 million in 2011 alone.

o GSK maintains two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities producing innovative medicines and vaccines:

- GSK’s Mississauga Site is an advanced manufacturing and product development facility located adjacent to the company’s headquarters and produces approximately 140 different products.

- The Quebec City (Ste-Foy) facility develops and produces vaccines for Canadians and people around the world. This facility is one of the only two sites world-wide to produce GSK’s seasonal influenza vaccine.

o GSK has been recognized as one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada for the past twelve consecutive years, identified for the past six years as the top pharmaceutical employer.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is one of the world’s largest over-the-counter consumer healthcare products companies. Its well-known brands include the leading oral healthcare products, Sensodyne®, ProNamel® and Aquafresh® denture care products Polident® and PoliGrip®, Spectro® skincare products as well as many medicine cabinet staples -- Abreva®, Breathe Right®, and TUMS® -- which are trademarks owned by and/or licensed to GlaxoSmithKline Group of Companies.