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New denture issues

Dentures are a very personal thing; no two people will have exactly the same experience, but some things are common in a lot of denture wearers’ lives.

Getting used to dentures

The first couple of weeks after getting dentures can take a bit of getting used to. You might feel some pain and discomfort, but as each day passes you’ll slowly start to get used to the different sensation in your mouth. If your dentures are still not comfortable after the first few weeks make sure you tell your dentist as they could just need a small adjustment. 


Full mouth feeling

First-time denture wearers often say that their dentures are too big, pushing their lips forward. This feeling is completely normal. The mouth is really sensitive and any changes will always feel a little odd but, once your mouth gets used to the dentures, this feeling will get less and less.

Soreness and irritation

A certain amount of soreness and irritation is normal while adjusting to new dentures. You should see your dentist if the pain continues so that they can adjust the denture.  Polident® can be used in new dentures to help seal out irritating food particles.

More saliva than usual

As your mouth gets used to your dentures, you can sometimes produce more saliva than usual. Over time this will get less and less so it’s nothing to worry about.

Gag reflex

If you find that you have a gag reflex when putting in or taking out your dentures it’s simply a reaction to putting an unfamiliar object in your mouth. The more comfortable and relaxed you become with your dentures, the less this will happen.

Gagging can also be caused by having a denture that extends too far back into your mouth so if this carries on, speak to your dentist who may be able to make some small adjustments.

Reasons to smile

You’ll probably have your own list of reasons for why dentures will give you more to smile about, but here are a few reminders of why there are more positives to a life with dentures than you might think.

You’ll look like you again

Missing teeth can cause your face to sag, making you look older. Dentures provide the support your facial muscles need to look firm and taut, making you feel like you again.

Added confidence

Denture wearers often say they’ve forgotten what it feels like to be truly self-confident. You can now really make the most of time with family and friends without hiding your smile or feeling self-conscious when you laugh.


See your dentist regularly

Once you’ve got your dentures it’s really important that you keep visiting your dentist. This might seem an obvious thing to say but your dentist really is the very best person to talk to about any issues you might have.

Your dentist can check the condition of your dentures or partials and remaining teeth and make sure your oral health is in good condition. Dentures have a busy life so they’ll need adjusting from time to time. Don’t be frightened to ask your dentist to take a look; one tiny adjustment could make a big difference to your dentures’ fit and comfort.